Log Home Chinking & Caulking

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Chinking is a material that is flexible and used for filling gaps in-between logs. Essentially, chinking your log home will seal together logs that do not perfectly fit. Chinking your log home also prevents bugs and insects from infesting your log cabin.

Most common types of Chinking

  • Synthetic Chinking: acrylic or petrochemical elastic compounds
  • Mortar Chinking: traditional
Using Synthetic or Mortar chinking will depend on your situation. It is best to use “synthetic chinking” if you are building a log home from a kit. If you are building a log cabin from scratch you should consider using mortar chinking.

Chinking vs Caulking

Yes, there is a difference! Chinking is recommended on logs 6″ or more in diameter.  Caulking, on the other hand, is mainly used on logs smaller than 6″ in diameter.