Log Rot Replacement

Log Replacement for Custom Log Home | Repair & Restoration
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Rotten logs are caused by too much water. A moisture content of 30%-60% causes logs to rot.

If you logs are rooting, it could be due to:

  • rain drenching from roof
  • lack of rain gutters especially during rainy season
  • bushes or plants brushing against the logs of your home

Log Repair

Before repairing logs it is best to inspect & take care of the root problem, which could be installing gutters, removing bushes, or placing plants more than 3 feet from your cabin.

  1. Remove rot by chiseling it down until you reach good wood.
  2. Apply a wood preservative
  3. We recommend using Wood Expoxy for covering the area in need of repairing.

Log Replacement

  1. Find logs from a reputable supplier that matches your log home cabin.
  2. Use a saber saw to cut out the rotten log.
  3. Apply proper chinking to seal joints between new and existing logs.
  4. Apply a wood preservative on the affect area.

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