Log Home Maintenance

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Owning a log home cabin requires regular maintenance.

Most frequently asked questions from log home owners are related to maintenance and upkeep.

Log cabin maintenance depends on location, design, and environmental factors. Neglecting routine log home maintenance interferes with the longevity of your log home.

After speaking with hundreds of log cabin owners, we realized that majority recieved bad or misinformation about its maintenance. Therefore, Luxury Log Home Builders created the ultimate guide to log cabin maintenance. Determining the costs for repairs and restoration:

  1. Inspecting
  2. Washing
  3. Staining
  4. Chinking
  5. Pest Control
  6. General Maintenance

Inspecting Log Homes

Roof Inspection: We look for loose or damaged shingles and tiles, warped flashing, leaky or full gutters or exposed rafters. If chimney is present, we look for cracks or damages between the flue pipe damaged flue pipes.

Wall Inspection:  We look for loose or cracked chinks, cracks inside the timber, popped knots, any signs of visibly/physically damp wood, mold or mildew, and stain that’s starting to fade.

Exterior Inspection: We instruct log home owners to place any plants at least 24 inches way from log walls. We also check for lose areas in decks.

What We Recommend?

  • Washing your log home once a year.
  • Re-staining your log home every three years.
  • Chinking & caulking your log home once a year.
  • Pest control services twice a year.