Cascades Lodge Floor Plan

Gettysburg is drenched with bold notes of Southern culture, and of course, the glorious escapades of the Civil War, which have been preserved through memorials, relics epitaphs and monuments dedicated to the war heroes.

Amidst the quaint and serene landscape, this luxurious log home stands out like a modern expanse of classic southern architecture, paying homage to the past with its timeless woodwork and welcome the future with its dramatic interior.

Do you seek the serenity and calmness of lush, pastoral fields and wide-open spaces that have not been besmirched with an abundance of pollution and noise? Gettysburg, Pennsylvania offers the tranquility you seek without denying you the luxury of modern living as it provides the perfect landscape to rejoice a luxurious log home.

The dejection and dissatisfaction of city life often drags families and couples towards the enticing serenity of this landscape. And with this incredible log house, you can increase your life quality with the earthliness of the landscape and all the state-of-the-art amenities of modern living!

Sprawling over 10 acres and 5,900 square foot, this log home is undoubtedly the epitome of luxury and opulence, and anyone with a fine eye for architecture will find it a feast to look upon. It is a powerfully juxtaposed blend of log, a magnificent frame constructed with fine quality timber, and a conventional architectural style that is beguiling, and yet, super functional. The log house comes with an additional 1700 square feet of living space, along with a four-car garage.

Cascades Lodge Balcony | Log Cabin Kits & Repairs

The Cascades Lodge by Moss Creek is situated in the most pristine of locations, a quaint and homely little town, and its architectural grandeur is truly befitting of the well-preserved historical heritage this town has to offer. The dramatic entryway and front doesn’t give away much of the glorious interior of the log house, but it puts on a beguiling display that entices you to come inside. The porch decking exudes a picture-perfect southern charm, and it has been constructed from a composite material that does not require any maintenance whatsoever.

The log house features 4 luxurious bedrooms, 3 ½ bathrooms, while the master is located on the main level. The open kitchen is an utter delight for those who seek a homely, farmhouse style kitchen that is rustic and yet, decked with all the state-of-the-art amenities.

The two stories of the log house are supported by beautifully carved and super-functional 6-by-8 inch visible floor joists, which allow easy wiring, plumbing, and geothermal installations, along with recessing the lighting on the main level. As soon as you enter the house, you will be taken aback by the magnificence and finesse of the timber work, and how gracefully it is dominates the interior of the house.

Cascades Lodge Great Room 2 | Log Cabin Kits & Repairs

The open dining area has a distinctive air of opulence and the most striking aspect is its intricate blend of formal tones juxtaposed against casual and homely accents. The exquisite wood work gives the dining area charming overtones and a bold personality, while the large window allows an eclectic flow of sunlight to play against the rich textures of timber.

Cascades Lodge Kitchen | Log Cabin Kits & Repairs

The kitchen is truly a sight to behold with its classic and timeless marble counter-tops and charming white cabinetry. Its gray glazed based strikes a rich contrast against the lighter accents of the kitchen, while the stone veneer backsplash gives the sleek and modern setting a classic hint of earthliness and farmhouse-like charm. If you have a fine taste of expensive marbles and an inviting kitchen, this setting will certainly woo you away for good!

This luxurious log house is a magnificent blend of log, exquisite timber framing, and a conventional architecture that allows you to rejoice the luxury and freedom of wide open spaces while carving out rich corners of intimacy and solitude, and surprising you with its functional aspects. It is a true masterpiece of hybrid construction, and it is a blend of South American architecture, Adirondack influences intertwined with Tahoe-like accent, and sealed with an Appalachian-style grace that makes it utterly and insanely splendid!

As you explore room after room, you are left stunned by the old southern charm of the timber detailing, the sophisticated opulence of this 21st century log house, its wooden frame and the modern functionality that makes it perfect for contemporary lifestyles.

Cascades Lodge Bedroom | Log Cabin Kits & Repairs

Stepping into the master suite is a whimsical experience as the bedroom welcomes the onlookers like a soulful retreat that will rid you off all your stressors with its rich opulence and luxurious décor. The master bathroom is another masterpiece of luxury and opulence with its generous size, and exquisitely decorate vanities that allow for ample space for you and your partner. The step-up tub and sauna make it a perfect retreat to loosen up after a hard day at work.

The additional three bedrooms are upstairs, and the second floor also hosts an exquisitely framed spiral staircase to take you to a distinctive third-story perch. The home office is perfect for writers and freelancers, and can also be turned into a cozy and charming library.

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