Madison Luxury Floor Plan

The Madison Luxury log home is a glorious abode of classic architecture, spectacular wood work and a stress-free maison, nestled in a picturesque landscape dominated by rolling hills, lush greenery and the lure of the wilderness. The floor plan is ideal to create a beautifully-carved luxury log cabin that lures the onlookers with its exquisite wooden carvings, and homely farmhouse-style accents.

The floor plan allows this luxury log home to be a spacious and modern retreat tucked away in the midst of rolling hills and lush pastoral fields. It will decked with all the innovative gadgets and latest amenities to ensure your comfort and life quality to support a modern lifestyle, along with allowing you plenty of opportunities to carve out multiple outdoor spaces.

If you are a huge fan of entertaining your friends and throwing lavish parties, this luxury log cabin has a beguilingly inviting vibe that will woo away your guests with its intricate wood work and architectural glory. The floor plan allows you to allocate ample space for formal dining and drawing rooms, alongside outdoor spaces, patios and even some warm nooks to carve out your own personal space. It is the perfect expanse to carve out a mindful and luxurious lifestyle nestled in the heart of the wilderness without having to give up the luxury of modern amenities.

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