Log Home Restoration

It truly doesn’t matter if you’ve recently purchased a log home or finished a restoration. Log Home Maintenance should always be a top priority if you expect to increase the longevity of your investment.

Log homes require extended and comprehensive care, unlike traditional residences. Ignoring inspections and maintenance for your log home could cost thousands of dollars in repairs. This guide will put you on the right path to realizing all of the important things you should be aware of about log home maintenance.

Log Home Maintenance Can Be Tricky

Often times, log home owners neglect maintenance simply because they don’t realize their property needs it. Log homes are tricky to maintenance because problems can take a long time to show up. Although your property may look fine on the outside, you could be dealing with structural damage, termites, and other major issues. It’s important to schedule an inspection to see what kinds of problems your log home has and how you can fix them.

Pay Attention to the Weather

One way to constantly stay on top of your property’s maintenance is to log and keep track of any problem areas and observe how different weather elements and patterns can affect these issues over time. This is a great way to anticipate problems before they occur.

Observe the Sunlight

Sunlight can cause wear on logs over time. This is why it’s essential to observe and see which section of your property receives the most direct sunlight. Doing so will help you anticipate future problems and apply appropriate solutions when necessary. If sunlight isn’t an issue, follow the same method in regards to rain or snow.